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Tajaye Bheekee (Rajeev) Founder-CEO Mr. Tajaye Bheekee, the managing director of Arena Travel is a very young and dynamic person. He has a background in the tourism sector. He possesses higher diploma in Hospitality management. He went to the school of Naval and now he is concentrating in the field of aviation. He also has a business in seafood sector.

Managing Director

Omesh Bheekee (Rishi) Managing director Mr. Rishi Bheekee is the 3rd managing director of Arena Travel. He has a huge contribution to make Arena travel what it is today. He is in the sector of seafood and have fishing vessels.

Managing Director

Akesh Ramgoolamee Managing Director Mr. Akesh Ramgoolamee, currently staying in Canada is also the managing director of Arena Travel. He is in the tourism sector and has much experience in the domain of cruise. He will be operating from Canada itself.

General Manager

Sweta Lachman General Manager A former student of Rajcoomar Gujadhur college, Sweta completed her degree at Khadosh Trading services. She started her career through a travel agency and then joined Arena travel in 2018.Sweta has a major contribution behind the growth of Arena Travel and She has gained several professional certifications.

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